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SeqWright remains a leader in Next Generation (Next-Gen) sequencing by offering state-of-the-art, Next-Gen services utilizing the broadest offering of leading sequencing platforms, all of which can be combined with your choice of Sequence Capture/Genomic enrichment systems. These platforms represent a quantum leap in capabilities and cost-per-base efficiencies compared to previous technologies. By utilizing sequence capture and Nex-Gen technologies, SeqWright can provide unparalleled genomic research solutions, rapidly and economically.


Life Tech. SOLiD
Roche 454™
Illumina HiSeq™
Life Tech.
Ion Torrent ™

Illumina MiSeq™


Other Next-Gen Services Offered by SeqWright:

  • Metagenomic Sequencing
  • Whole-genome de novo sequencing
  • CHiP Sequencing
  • Genome-Wide Association Studies
  • Cancer Sequencing
  • Mitochondrial Sequencing
  • Structural Variation Analysis


  • Comprehensive start-to-finish project management
  • Increased cost-per-base efficiencies
  • Partial and/or Segmented runs available
  • Bar coding for multiple-sample runs
  • Custom-target sequence capture (up to 30MB per array)
  • Advanced bioinformatic capabilities