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QPCR Genotyping

We are an Applied Biosytems TaqMan® Authorized Service Provider

Quantitative PCR Services

  • Copy number determination of DNA or RNA targets
  • PCR & qPCR Genotyping
  • Allelic discrimination / SNP genotyping
  • Gene expression profiling (siRNA knockdown & microarray study validation)
  • microRNA analysis
  • Plus/minus assays
  • Microbial detection and residual DNA analysis
  • Biodistribution studies of gene therapy products
  • Transgenic mouse genotyping

Real-time PCR remains one of the most sensitive and quantitative tools for gene expression used today. SeqWright offers both custom and pre-optimized QPCR assays for an assortment of specific applications. We manage all aspects of the project from assay design, to nucleic acid isolation, to data analysis.

High-throughput Meets Customization (384-well TaqMan Arrays)

Utilizing ABI’s 7900HT and TaqMan® 384-well micro fluidic cards, SeqWright has the capability of running hundreds of real-time PCR reactions simultaneously. We require only small amounts of sample, to run 1 to 8 samples in parallel against 12 to 384 TaqMan® Gene Expression Assay targets.

AB provides a number of standard 384-well arrays, known as TaqMan Gene Signature arrays. The following is a list of these arrays:

TaqMan® 384-well Gene Signature Arrays

We can help you choose and design custom TaqMan® Arrays using any of ABI’s 50,000 inventoried TaqMan Gene Expression Assays and nine array formats. Important note: depending upon the format, ABI requires certain minimum numbers of arrays be purchased when manufacturing customized cards.

Service Features and Options

  • QPCR primer and probe design
  • Nucleic acid isolation from tissue, cells, biotechnology products, etc.
  • Quantitation using a NanoDrop® ND-1000
  • Qualitative analysis by an Agilent BioAnalyzer®
  • Primer/Probe optimization
  • Samples assayed in duplicate to ensure reproducibility
  • Controls included on each thermocycling run
  • Data report with project design description
  • Statistical analysis upon request

microRNA Services

From isolation of small RNA’s to downstream analysis of their expression level, just send us your samples and we can do the rest. miRNA's offer insight into a complex world of gene regulation that is just beginning to come to light. Let our RNA Scientists and Bioinformatic experts help you get the most out of your miRNA experiments.

Standard TaqMan® microRNA Assays

See our QPCR sample requirements