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SAGE™ & LongSAGE™ Sequencing

Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) is widely used for determining genome-wide patterns of gene expression. SAGE exploits large-scale DNA sequencing methods to provide expression data for thousands of gene expression products. The relative speed and cost-effectiveness of DNA sequencing makes SAGE especially attractive.

SeqWright uses the latest sequencing technologies to guarantee the longest read lengths and offer the greatest value for all SAGE™ sequencing projects. Our service includes automated colony picking and DNA prep, high-throughput sequencing and optional di-tag analysis. We also offer QPCR services, and microarray expression analysis.

Service Features

  • Robotic colony picking into 96-well and 384-well plates
  • Automated DNA preparation
  • High-throughput, fluorescent dye-terminator sequencing
  • ABI Prism™ 3730xl DNA sequencers
  • >650bp Q20 read lengths typical (More tags per read!)
  • Tag mapping statistics and comparisons available